Most transportation projects are initiated by one of or a combination of the following.  System maintenance, safety issues, emergencies, legislative direction and community feedback.

The following is a list of items that must be accomplished by WDOT to design a project.

Determine Conceptual Scope

  • Authorize design & construction project funding and ID(s)
  • Identify roadway and/or structure improvement strategy needs.
  • Develop agreements with municipality(s) for local design costs.

This process generally takes 1-2 months

Determine Preliminary Scope

  • Define the project purpose and need.
  • Complete project safety analysis and public involvement plan.
  • Define the project improvement type.
  • Complete risk assessment(s).
  • Begin environmental review.
  • Public involvement.
  • Business meetings.
  • Conceptual design.

Determine Final Project Scope

  • Hold public involvement meetings.
  • Complete project environmental risk assessment or draft environmental document.
  • Identify utility, R/W and railroad impacts.
  • Identify roadway and structure improvements.
  • Agreement(s) with local municipality(s) for local construction costs and maintenance.
  • Approved preliminary project reports (pavement design, soils, traffic mitigation plan.
  • Refine conceptual ideas and scope.
  • 30% design review.

Preliminary scope and final scope usually take 3 months to 2 years for normal projects.  For major or mega projects this can take 2-5 years.

Implement Project Scope

  • Preliminary plan reviews and revisions.
  • Hold public involvement meetings.
  • Evaluate public input and reassess.
  • 60% plan review.
  • Finalize detours and or construction staging plans.
  • Final environmental document permits and coordination.
  • Purchase right of way.
  • Private utility relocations.
  • Design study report.
  • Right of way acquisition and final plat documentation.
  • Utility and railroad agreements, permits and coordination.
  • Final plan, specifications and estimates.

Implement project scope takes 6 months to 2 years for normal projects and to 4 years for major or mega projects.

Letting and Award

  • Complete biddability, plan, specifications and estimate reviews and revisions.
  • Advertise plans and specifications for bidding.
  • Review construction bids and contract awards.
  • Complete pre-construction public involvement and construction coordination.

Letting and award normally takes 3-5 months.

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